“Zoomplomacy” in Practice

Videoconferencing has changed the face of diplomacy during the pandemic. As an emerging practice, it has also been the object of intense debate. What does it teach us about international cooperation?

To Un-govern?

In many respects, complexity makes the world difficult to govern. Ungovernable, even. But ungovernance is not absence of governance. It is a murky concept, sometimes undemocratic, often invisible.

Grasping Malfunctional International Organizations

In a world of bad news, it can be tempting to point fingers and deflect blame. How can we make sense of the crisis of multilateralism in a context where confusion is so pervasive?

Key Insight

“The organization never settles into an entity or a thing that can be labelled and described, because it is constantly changing, or reinventing itself, through the interactions going on within it.”
David Campbell, 2000