Our Aim

International-Organization.Com is a Geneva-based review that seeks to promote fresh thinking about how today’s world is organized and disorganized through institutions of global governance.

We hold the cheerful conviction that there is no lack of wisdom in the world, although there is always something to get done. Our objective is to put the right voices under the spotlight.

“The subject is organizations, the verb is organizing” wrote influential scholar Richard Scott. That is our motto.

International organizations organize the world, naturally. And a full understanding of this delicate process requires eyes and ears daring enough to go beyond conventional approaches.

Recognizing this difficulty, we appeal to specialists of all sorts. Our diversity is offset by the singular shared will to understand.

Though still in its early stages, this platform shall endeavor to reach and publish the most relevant perspectives on the most pressing challenges facing international organization today. It is a global conversation, and time is of the essence.

If you are eager to contribute, check out our relevant page. If not, feel free to browse our most recent articles and, should you find them to your liking, please share our work with colleagues, friends and family.