The Provocation of National Self-Determination

Whether it leads to independence or annexation, national self-determination is just as provocative a principle of international law today as it was when it first emerged in revolutionary-era France.

The Spectre of the Doha Round

For more than twenty years, the Doha Round has fuelled discussions in the world of trade and development. In significant ways, the World Trade Organization still faces the ghost of its past promises.

On Fear of Terminal Decline

The problem with “declinism” is that it can impoverish our imaginations by luring us to the sirens of either total change or fatalism. On this topic, thinker Albert Hirschman is notably savvy.

Key Insight

“Change takes place because most of the time most people in an organization do about what they are supposed to do; that is, they are intelligently attentive to their environments and their jobs.”
James March, 1981